How much of your available credit do you plan to use today? One of the most important aspects of your credit score, your credit utilization ratio, indicates how well you handle debt.

One of the most important factors in maintaining a good credit score is knowing and managing your credit utilization ratio.

Use our Credit Utilization Calculator to get a handle on your credit utilization and make educated decisions about how to keep or raise your credit score.

What is Credit Utilization Ratio?

How much of your available credit you are actually utilizing can be expressed as a percentage—the credit usage ratio, also known as the credit utilization rate. Credit utilization ratios are determined by dividing outstanding balances by available credit limits. Lenders might gain useful insight into your credit management practices by examining this percentage.

Why is Credit Utilization Ratio Important?

The percentage of your available credit that you are using has a major impact on your credit score. Your creditworthiness as a borrower is measured by this metric. Increased reliance on credit, which can be seen as a financial danger, is indicated by a high credit utilization ratio. In contrast, a low credit utilization ratio shows prudent credit usage and may boost your score.

How is the Credit Utilization Ratio Calculated?

To calculate your credit utilization ratio, use the following formula:

Credit Utilization Ratio = (Total Credit Card Debt / Total Credit Limit) * 100

For example, if your total credit card debt amounts to $1,000, and your total credit limit across all cards is $5,000, your credit utilization ratio would be 20%.

Using the Credit Utilization Calculator:
To assess your credit utilization ratio accurately, follow these simple steps:

1. Enter Your Total Credit Card Debt: Input the total outstanding balance across all your credit cards.

2. Provide Your Total Credit Limit: Enter the total credit limit across all your credit cards.

3. Calculate Credit Utilization Ratio: Click the "Calculate" button to determine your credit utilization ratio.



Your credit utilization is

What is an appropriate credit utilization rate?

The widespread consensus holds that a credit utilization ratio of 30% or below is ideal. On the other hand, 10% is the ratio that certain lenders find ideal. Responsible credit management, as demonstrated by a low utilization ratio, is reflected in a higher credit score.

How to Improve Your Credit Utilization Ratio?

Improving your credit utilization ratio is essential for a healthier credit profile. Here are some effective strategies:

1. Pay Down Credit Card Debt: Reducing your credit card balances will lower your credit utilization ratio. Aim to pay off high-interest debt first and avoid carrying large balances.

2. Increase Credit Limit: Request a credit limit increase on your existing credit cards. This will increase your total available credit and potentially lower your credit utilization ratio.

3. Open New Credit Card with High Limit: Opening a new credit card with a substantial credit limit can also boost your total available credit, leading to a lower credit utilization ratio. However, exercise caution to avoid excessive credit applications, which may temporarily lower your credit score.

The Credit Use Calculator is a useful tool for keeping an eye on and improving your credit use ratio.

You can show that you are managing your credit responsibly to lenders and boost your chances of receiving preferential interest rates and other financial benefits if you are aware of the importance of this ratio and take steps to keep it low.

You can't get where you want to go financially without first taking responsible steps to manage your credit.