Installment loans for bad credit are designed to enable borrowers whose credit history is either poor or limited to qualify for the loans they need. If your credit score is poor or bad, meaning that it ranges between 350 and 579 (as outlined by FICO), the chances of your securing a personal loan are either a bare minimal or none at all. However, at, many of our affiliate lenders, who specialize in arranging installment loans for bad credit with scores that range between 580 and 600, may have just the right options for you. However, the interest rate that you are offered can fairly vary, being dependent upon the qualification requirements that you meet and your credit score. Under these circumstances, be prepared to accept a comparatively higher rate, based on your poor score. If you are not overly concerned with getting yourself more favorable terms but would instead be satisfied to find a lender who can offer you a loan that you credibly qualify for, our affiliate lenders may just have the right installment loan for bad credit option that suits you most.

What Installment Loan for Bad Credit Actually Means

Installment loans for bad credit are explicitly designed secure or unsecure loan options for potential borrowers with damaged or poor credit scores. Such loan types characteristically suit borrowers who are in the process of establishing their credit histories. Due to the higher risk factors involved by way of their lesser ability to qualify for more favorable loans, installment loans for bad credit customarily come with moderately smaller loan amounts, higher interest rates and shorter repayment terms.

Moreover, installment loan funds are mostly disbursed in the form of lump sum amounts and the interest starts to accrue on the balance, starting from the first month onwards. Borrowers need to make their payments in equal monthly installments till the expiry of the loan term or till the entire balance is repaid. Usually, the more common installment loan types include personal loans, mortgages and auto loans.

Choosing the Best Installment Loan for Bad Credit

At, our experts recommend that you carefully follow the steps below to ensure that you pick the best lender from amongst our several top-ranking affiliates.

  • Evaluate the minimum qualifications criteria: If you have a low credit score or your credit profile is limited, select the Lend Me Money lender with the least demanding qualification requirements.
  • Compare their interest rates: While comparing several competitive installment loans for bad credit offers, identify lenders who offer you the lowest APRs available, in accordance with your precise circumstances and creditworthiness.
  • Prequalification: Before finalizing the best installment loan with bad credit offer, get yourself prequalified by several lenders so that you can secure the best loan deal available.
  • Consider other costs and fees: Be mindful that bad credit loans frequently come with high fees and other associated costs. Such additional outlays can adversely affect your overall borrowing cost.
  • Calculate your total monthly installments: Use our personal loan calculator to work out your monthly payments for the several loan options that you receive, based upon features such as their APRs, loan amounts available as well as their repayment terms.
  • Read what other say about them: Before committing yourself, read online reviews of their past and present borrowers to learn what their customers say about them.

For more information on our best installment loans for bad credit and to speedup the process, Email Now and talk to one of our leading Lend Me Money industry specialists who will gladly walk you step-by-step through the process of getting your best installment loan for bad credit expedited, or simply offer you the best advice in town – Free of Cost!

Here Are Some Best Installment Loans For Bad Credit

Est. APR

4.49 - 20.49%

Loan amount

$5000 - $10000

Min. credit score


Frequently Asked Questions

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The interest rate depends on several factors, such as loan amount, loan repayment duration, and the market rate. Once we receive your information, our affiliates will provide their specific interest rates based on your credit score and credit history.

Student loan refinancing is a service where a private lender pays off your current student loans and gives you a new loan on new terms. It can be beneficial as students get relief from high monthly installments, get lower interest rates, and extend their payoff time.

We work with eminent lenders and loan providers who are ready to offer instant financial relief to our clients. We understand that lending money from someone is difficult, especially when you are looking for quick financial support. Therefore, we make sure that we meet your demands in time and help you achieve your goal. We also make sure that our clients are satisfied with our services. Through our affiliate partners, you can get the desired amount within the communicated time, lower interest rates and flexibility of repayment.

Everyone's requirements are different. There’s no one-size-fit-everyone approach when it comes to a mortgage loan. However, you should choose the mortgage plan that:

•  Provides you with instant funds for home improvement projects

•  Gives you the opportunity to invest in other properties

•  Offers you the advantage of paying off your previous loan.

•  Lock fixed interest rates

•  Gives you the freedom to pay off your other household debts, such as credit cards, utility payments, car loans, or any other debt you might have.

To help you save time and effort, the mortgage analysis tool of Lend Me Money gives you instant access to a broad-based pool of our affiliate lenders, professional industry experts, and renowned refinancers. It also recommends optional solutions that are best suited to your budget and circumstances. In addition, it gives you a detailed perspective of various advantages or disadvantages that may be associated with a particular home loan plan.

Refinancing a mortgage can lessen your installment amount and give you longer time to pay off your loan, at a lower interest rate. Other benefits include:

  Cash out your equity

•  Flexible time frame to pay off your loans

•  Opportunity for investments

Insurance plays a crucial role in your financial stability. It secures your future and keeps your family financially secure in the times to come. There are several types of insurance you can avail to protect your assets, such as you can get insurance for your vehicle, home, or even your greatest strength, i.e., your life.

Some of the benefits of insurance:

Insurance safeguards your assets

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Reduce your stress during financial hardships

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Our affiliates charge interest rates depending on the affiliate program you choose, lending requirements, credit history, and repayment duration.

If any client has a bad credit history, it does not mean that they cannot receive a loan. Every scenario is different based on credit score and credit history. Therefore, there may be chances for your loan approval. Contact our representative, or consult the affiliate on our website.

You do not need to worry! Our professional partners will handle all the paperwork and guide you throughout the whole process.

Besides personal loans, our affiliate partners offer home equity loans, auto refinances, student loan refinances, and different types of mortgages. Please visit our services page to know more about our services.

We process all auto loan refinancing applications at the earliest possible. Time required for the approval of your application depends on your needs and personal circumstances. For immediate results, contact our experts about the best auto loan refinancing plans available in the market today.