Personal Loan Refinancing

Your personal loan refinancing can be a beneficial proposition if the lender of your new loan agrees to offer you that loan at a lower interest rate or with a different repayment plan. This is usually an attractive option for personal loans if there is a decline in the interest rates, their credit improves, their incomes are raised, or if they inadvertently entered into an agreement with their lenders at a higher interest rate for their initial loan. Just as with the refinancing of other similar types of borrowings, whether the loan benefits you or not will always depend on what you ultimately save on interest in contrast to what you will need to pay as refinancing fees for your new loan.

Theoretically, it is plausible for you to refinance your loan any number of times as long as you keep requalifying for the new loan. However, some lenders insist that you meet their set criteria before they refinance your loan application. One such demand is that you pay down up to 95% or thereabouts of the initial balance of your first personal loan before being allowed to offer you another loan. Your application to initiate the refinancing process for your loan takes into account your credit score, history, and debt-to-income ratio.

For further information, the qualified industry experts of our affiliate lenders will walk you through the entire process. Our Personal Loan Calculator will further help you in doing the calculations related to your personal loan.

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Terms of Loan:

2 to 7 years

Loan amount

$5000 - $10000

Estimated Monthly


Fixed APR: